Field Day 2016

Here are some pics from Field Day 2016.  We have had a great time this year!

Field Day 2016

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Field Day – June 25 & 26, 2016

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Special Event Station N4G will Commemorate 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm



Scott Roberts

Members of the Clay County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Florida Army Military Auxiliary Radio System will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the end of Operation Desert Storm by running an amateur radio “special event station” at Camp Blanding, on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Read more

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Updates to the Shack

Decided to clean things up a little and make the ‘KK4ECR Shack’ more organized, so here is what we have now…:


2016-02-15 17.41.28

Full view of the shack

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YLs Love Ham Radio Episode 1

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Florida Ham Agrees to Penalty for Failure to Identify


The FCC Enforcement Bureau has entered into a consent decree with a Florida radio amateur to resolve an investigation into whether the licensee violated Sections 97.113(b) and 97.119(a) of the FCC rules by transmitting one-way communications and failing to identify. As part of the deal, Thomas J. Warren, K3TW, of Lecanto, Florida, will pay a monetary penalty. The FCC issued an Orderincorporating the Consent Decree on December 9 in the case, which dates back to June 2015. Read more

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A Ham’s Night Before Christmas

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Why Public Service-Oriented Hams Should Participate in Contests

n6vi3-1090x800You may have heard of the Fireman Olympics or lumberjack competitions. Most of you have seen a rodeo – at least on television – where cowboys (and cowgirls) do their thing in a stadium rather than on the range. What do all these have in common? They test skills used on the job in an enjoyable yet challenging environment. Guess what? Amateur Radio operators compete, too, in a variety of contests held throughout the country and the world. Internationally, this is called “Radiosport.” Domestically, we just call it “Contesting.” Many highly competitive radio amateurs consider their regular operating time to be part of their training for competitions. In a larger sense, though, radio contests are training that improves our ability to do whatever else we do in Amateur Radio more effectively. Read more

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New Truck — New Radio Setup

2015-06-20 20.24.34Well, I had to get a new truck — after 10 years and 201,000 miles, my trusted Chevy Trailblazer died.   So now on to a 2013 Ford F-150 XLT.  So here is the setup in the new truck.  I still have some wire management to do, but it is functioning and turned out great!
(you can click on the photos to see the pictures better) Read more

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